Most days you can find me in my comfy loungewear painting in my studio or my home with a cup of coffee and a book playing on audible. I am mostly known for painting live at weddings and for puppy portraits. I’d say these are my two favorite things I create. People often refer to me as optimistic and easygoing. I love serving the world by always showing up with a positive vibe and creating works of art that will bring you joy for the rest of forever. The things I am most passionate about in life are art, love, and people. 

Hey there, I’m Kate Scrivner.

Get to know me!

When I’m not busy painting in my studio or at a wedding, you can catch me hanging out with friends, reading a book, or doing anything active outside. I’ve grown up in Columbus, GA my whole life and I love it here. I do love to travel as well. My favorite travel spots are the beach and the mountains. I have a soft spot in my heart for Charleston, SC… maybe I’ll end up there one day!

I have had the opportunity to work with several incredible artists over the years. One, in particular, that has truly molded my view on art and painting and the world is Bo Bartlett. Bo is a world-renowned artist and I am incredibly blessed to have painted under him and watched a master at work. 

I paint works of art for people looking to preserve memories in a unique and creative way. I am lucky to capture so many beautiful couples tying the knot! 

1. My business started by drawing dog portraits.

2. I began learning how to paint 7 years ago in an art class at school. I just happened to end up in the class and it led to so much self-discovery!

3. I am an enneagram 7 w 8.

4. I was a competition cheerleader for the majority of my life before college. People are always so surprised by this.

5. I swam with sharks in the wild once (insert tongue out emoji) 

If you’re dying to hear more about my life, here are a few things you may not know about me:

1658 Rollins Way, Columbus, GA 31094
(706) 653-1950

Galleria Riverside 

3110 2nd Ave, Columbus, GA 31904

Highland Galerie 

5100 River Rd, Columbus, GA 31904
(706) 317-2583

River Road Pharmacy 

1025 Broadway, Columbus, GA 31901
(706) 885-9979

Uptown Exclusives

You can find my work in these locations as well as here in my shop!