Welcome to my new site!


You made it! I am SO glad you’re here. This is the blog post to comment on to be entered in the launch giveaway!!

This has been a forever dream of mine and a long time coming. I’m so excited for you to explore the site and check out everything it has in store for you. The ladies at Alisabeth Designs and I carefully planned each page to make your experience easy and enjoyable!

This project was so important to me because I want my site to be a place where you come and stay awhile. I want you to feel like you know me and all that I have to offer. The site is filled with lots of photos and information and so many ways for you to connect directly with me. Client experience is everything. I want you to feel like we’re sitting on my porch chatting & drinking coffee (or a glass of wine) while you’re exploring my site.

I wanted to give you everything that you need to know if my style of painting is what you want hanging on your walls and if you want me to party with you at your wedding!! Making your experience easy and fun is so important to me.

On several of the pages, there are places where you can send me a message to talk about your wedding, a painting, life, or anything at all! Feel free to use these as much as you want. I LOVE communicating with you all and hearing how you’re doing and how art can play a role in your world. I am so honored that you have clicked on my site and are reading this blog!

Alisabeth Designs is a group of women based in Atlanta. They designed my site and let me just tell you… I’m thrilled with how it turned out!! Working with them was a dream. I highly recommend!

Over the next few days, I am giving away a couple of prizes through my Instagram! One of the steps to enter the giveaway is to comment below this post and tell me your favorite thing about the new site. I’ll tell you mine!

My favorite parts of the new site are the live wedding page & the shop page. All of the colors in the New Collection mixed with the brand colors – amazing!


Thank you again for being here and following along. Much love!!

Xoxo, Kate

  1. Abby says:

    I love the touch of butterflies everywhere !! Not only does it show personal growth, but it resembles the way your paintings go out all over for people to admire and enjoy. So proud of you kate!

  2. Victoria says:

    Love the posh look of the new website! So cute!

  3. Daly says:

    My favorite part of your website is seeing the gallery of your paintings!

    • Kate Scrivner says:

      Ah thank you!! That’s one of my favorite parts too. I love the colors against the brand colors. It’s so fun

  4. Loryn Konze says:

    Your new website is gorgeous! So elegant and easy to navigate through! I am so glad to know you do house commissions!! I have been looking to get some done for the 2 houses we have lived in! I am so glad I got to see your work at Sara’s wedding. You are so talented.

    • Kate Scrivner says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet words! I’d love to paint your house. So happy you made it here!

  5. Emily Maness says:

    Love the aesthetic and colors of your new website!!!

  6. Mary Ashby Gaskins says:

    Watching you bring a moment in time to life on canvas is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced! We love all our Kate Scrivner paintings and drawings, and we cannot wait to continue watching you make such special moments into the best memories!

  7. Tyler Woodall says:

    Love, love the website! The color scheme, the flow, everything! So happy for you ☺️

  8. Alex Marie says:

    Oh my goodness, your website is beautiful!! I love how clean yet colorful it is, as well as how it’s organized. I have my own blog site so I can always appreciate beautiful ones 🤍

  9. I absolutely love your new site!! My fav part is how you showcase all the different things you do! I found myself wanting to look into it all. Well done 🙂

  10. Romy Summerford says:

    Kate! I am so proud of you! Your new website is user-friendly and the I think the colors you selected match your personality and vibe perfectly!

    I am so thankful we had you as our live wedding artist, our guests loved you and we loved having you. We are a part of your raving fans group! 🙂

    We wish you all of the absolute best as you take on this journey full-time!! Cheers to the adventure!!

  11. Kenzi Podell says:

    You are so talented! I love being able to easily look at your work on the beautiful website. We can’t wait for you to do our wedding painting!

  12. Beth Davis says:

    Love the site set-up! So easy to scroll and find exactly what you are looking for! Great job to you and the design team!

  13. Emilie Willis says:

    Just looked at your Study Abroad in Italy blog and WOOWWWWW!!! Love the new website!! Love how you are showing out/reppin’ for Columbus, GA!!!! You go girl!

  14. Anna Catherine says:

    Hey Kate! My favorite part of your website is the page where we get to learn about you. To me, that is a great way to see you and let your personality shine through this website. I also love the scroll through about facts about you we probably didn’t know. It’s cool to see how your work and business has grown from just starting out painting pups. You have such a God given talent and I can’t wait to see more of how your business grows. This is a perfect website and I love it!!!

  15. Christy Scrivner says:

    I love the beautiful style and ease to find gorgeous art! You rock!!! So proud!!

  16. Julie Giles says:

    Congratulations the site is amazing! I love it! So easy to navigate through.

  17. Jasper Westbrook says:

    Your website looks amazing!! I love the color scheme and it’s so easy to navigate! I’m in awe of your live wedding paintings… that might just be on my wedding must have list 🙂

  18. Mary Cameron says:

    Kate! I am so happy for you and getting your site up! I know how excited you were getting it done. I like the fonts and how easy to use it is. I love your work and watching you keep doing bigger and better things, very inspiring!

  19. Rebecca says:

    I love looking through your gallery! So many paintings I want to buy! Your website looks so amazing!!

  20. Janna smith says:

    I love the wedding paintings! Watching you grow has been an absolute gift! I can’t wait for you to paint my special day! Bear and I are truly so lucky to have you! You are truly amazing!

  21. Callie White says:

    I love seeing all the on hand artwork for sale! And the whole look of the new website is so elegant and pleasing to the eye! 😍

  22. Melinda says:

    Your site is so pretty! I love seeing your work. My favorite part was getting to read your bio and learn more about who you are.

  23. Alexis says:

    The color scheme and organization is absolutely amazing, also love the meet the artist section!!!

  24. Claire Moyer says:

    Kate.. your site is AMAZING!!! I have had to look through quite a few sites in my days and yours is so beautiful and user friendly at the same time. My very favorite part is the Shop section obviously! I love scrolling through and seeing what you have available. What a great place to come to add pieces to my home and get gifts for others throughout the year! Yay for you!!! ❤️

  25. Abigail Norman says:

    I love looking at all of the paintings in your shop!! They’re all so beautiful and colorful!!

  26. Sydney Koch says:

    I always love getting to see your art pop up on my social media and now I can come here and see everything you do! I love how your website is categorized so I can find exactly what I’m looking for! Your art is so personal and it really impacts people! Congrats girl!

  27. Bonnie says:

    I love the flow of the website!! All the pictures of the work that you have done!!! Makes me so excited for you to paint my wedding!!!

  28. Kathy Kania (KK) says:

    I love the soft colors of your new website. Also, the way it is so user-friendly. I love all your art!

  29. Skye says:

    I loved seeing the art you have for sale. Seeing the cardinals brought a smile! Cardinals bring back some special memories and if reminded me of them which was well needed after a bad day.

  30. Kelli says:

    I love that the beauty of the website reflects your artistry. Very easy to use as well!

  31. Morgan Mitchell says:

    I love how personal your website is! I can see your heart and passion for creating shining through. 🙂

  32. Lauren says:

    I love the colors on your website!! So inviting and so easy to navigate. I also loved looking through your gallery! Congratulations..this is amazing!

  33. Allison says:

    Kate, your new site is beautiful!! The colors, elegance, and layout overall is so easy on the eyes. My favorite part about your site was learning about your commission work! I enjoyed reading about all of the many different things you do! My pets are my children, so I was happy to see that you love doing pet portraits!

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