Painting for Governor Kemp

Fine Art

Mercer Medical School is opening a campus in Columbus, GA right downtown! It will be a beautiful location. My friend and pastor, Jimmy Elder, is on the board for the medical school and he contacted me about an awesome opportunity. The governor would be coming to town for the ribbon cutting for the school and they wanted me create a painting to gift to him from the city of Columbus. I was so honored to have been asked to be a part of this!
I painted the Georgia bird, the brown thrasher, with the state flower, the Cherokee Rose. I have attached a photo of the final product below! The painting now hangs in the governor’s mansion. Prints are also available upon special order!


  1. Jules Mead says:

    I could imagine you feeling so excited about painting the Georgia bird! What an honor to be from Georgia and then have the opportunity to be represented in such an amazing way! I love your art! And your stories!!! Thanks for sharing.

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